Tesco is rolling out item-level radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) to its F&F clothing range in hundreds more stores.

The supermarket giant currently uses technology specialist SML’s RFID smart tags for F&F merchandise in 200 stores, and is now planning to install it across a further 300 stores.

Since introducing RFID in 2013, Tesco said it had reduced its out of stock levels by 95% and shortened the average time it takes for staff to check stock by 7%.

SML, which also provides Tesco with stock-tracking software, has produced more than 200 million RFID tags for Tesco. Its RFID software creates 98% inventory accuracy for retailers.

SML’s chief technology officer Dean Frew said: “The retail apparel industry is starting to broadly recognise the value of improving inventory accuracy both in terms of managing stock and offering a comprehensive omnichannel service.”

Frew said there were no plans to install its RFID technology in other Tesco ranges.