Ikea has bought US-based software brand Made4Net for an undisclosed sum. 

Ikea owner Ingka Group has acquired 100% of the supply chain solutions provider, which it says will allow it to make online fulfilment run more efficiently. 

The deal is only the third 100% acquisition made by the retailer in its history and it will span its stores in more than 31 markets in almost 500 locations.

In a statement, the retailer said the current system in its stores was built for a cash-and-carry model, but the deal would allow it to create an improved fulfilment system for its omnichannel business.

It said: “Our fulfilment operations at Ingka Group will run with a higher degree of automation, be more efficient and hence be faster in serving our customers’ orders. Having modular and task-directed process controls allows us to deliver a true omnichannel customer experience.”

Ingka Group head of retail Tolga Öncu said: “Our business currently requires a better fulfilment operations system with more accurate data that better supports handling for our customers.

Our goal is to become leaders of the life-at-home movement, serving more people in an omnichannel reality – whenever and however customers choose to meet us.”  

Made4Net will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary.