Amazon has launched a new initiative aimed at helping retail stores identify and track marketplace counterfeits.

Amazon warehouse Leeds

Amazon believes data sharing is vital to combat counterfeiting 

The Anti-Counterfeiting Exchange (ACX) is part of the company’s efforts to crack down on organised crime on its platform.

The platform allows retailers to anonymously share information about confirmed counterfeiters through a third-party database, which helps stop offenders quicker.

According to Amazon, data sharing across the private sector is vital for combating counterfeiting. 

ACX has already helped the company detect hundreds of matching accounts where the same criminal has attempted to sell through accounts on Amazon and at least one other store operator.

The ecommerce giant piloted the anti-counterfeiting initiative in 2021 with a number of apparel, home goods and cosmetics stores, where counterfeiting occurs often.

In other anti-counterfeiting efforts, Amazon is working with US Customs and Border Protection on a data pilot that helps identify and target low-value shipments that could contain fake goods.

Amazon’s vice-president of selling partner services Dharmesh Mehta said: “We want our customers to have confidence in their shopping experience and for brands to know they are protected from counterfeits.

“As we laid out in our blueprint for private- and public-sector partnerships to stop counterfeiters, we think it is critical to share information about confirmed counterfeiters to help the entire industry stop these criminals earlier.”

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