The new retail boss of T-Mobile has vowed to ramp up sales of mobile broadband products.

Director of retail Andrew Coull, who was promoted from head of retail sales last week, said the strong growth that T-Mobile has achieved in laptop and USB mobile internet services over the past eight months “will only get stronger”.

He said: “The days of mobile phone demand being based on calls and texts are long gone.”

T-Mobile plans to expand from 275 stores to about 300 by the end of the year. The shops will be modelled on last year’s transition into layouts with segmented sections for contract and pre-pay users, business and music, as well as live demonstration products.

“That has been a very successful format for us,” said Coull, who joined the business 14 months ago after stints with Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer.

“It also fits very well with our determination to make customer service a key differentiator for T-Mobile,” he said.

Coull remains confident about prospects for the year. He said products such as the iPhone, which is sold exclusively by Carphone Warehouse, had stimulated interest in the wider functionality of mobile phones.

“They have sparked not just strong sales for that product but a real interest from customers in what capabilities their phones have,” he said.