Online spending in the UK in January increased 3.4% year on year as shoppers bought exercise equipment and made the most of the post-Christmas sales.


While online shoppers may have invested in health and fitness, they didn’t tighten their belts

When compared with last year, consumer online spend in January 2024 rose 3.4%, according to Adobe Analytics.

The total online spend amounted to £8.1bn, with £1.2bn of that total spend made via buy now pay later (BNPL) services – up 14% on January 2023.

Online sales of exercise equipment grew 60% in January from December, with top products spanning treadmills, walking pads, resistance bands, sports shoes, stationary bikes, rowing machines, squat racks, lifting belts and dumbbells.

And, while the online rate of inflation also declined by 5.1% across all retail categories, the biggest falls were most notable in electronics (12.2%), sporting goods (8.3%), apparel (7.5%) and appliances (5.9%).

Adobe Digital Insights lead analyst Vivek Pandya said: Shoppers may have started the new year setting healthy habits, but they haven’t tightened their belts from a spending perspective.

“With workout wear, fitness equipment and wellness products proving popular, retailers will hope that online spending remains healthy throughout 2024.”