UK shoppers are expected to spend £1.7bn on Mother’s Day this year, with high inflation meaning they pay “more for less”, according to a report by GlobalData.

Customer shopping for Mother's Day cards

Mother’s Day spend is expected to be 1.1% higher than last year 

Total spend is expected to be 1.1% higher than on Mother’s Day last year, with more than half of consumers intending to purchase a product, but price remains a concern.

As high inflation is driving higher price points, GlobalData said mothers are likely to receive “less impressive” gifts than last year.

According to the report, 41% of consumers who have purchased or will purchase an item for Mother’s Day are expected to spend under £20 on gifts.

GlobalData said retailers must focus on “showcasing entry price points to entice greater spend” on popular products such as gifts and flowers.

It said the grocers are well placed to benefit from shoppers looking to cut back and should utilise their loyalty scheme offers and discounts to persuade customers to spend more.

The report states that 19% of consumers want to buy clothing for Mother’s Day, while 21% want to buy jewellery.

GlobalData analyst Joe Dawson said: “Consumers still have tight budgets and seeking out the lowest prices has become a norm for many. To capitalise on the high participation in the event, retailers must ensure that they are promoting the affordability of their ranges by clearly signposting Mother’s Day deals and discounts online and in store.

“While the proportion of consumers intending to purchase gifts is higher for Mother’s Day than it was on Valentine’s Day, it is still lower than the 65% of consumers that participated in the event in 2023.

“Showcasing high-quality products at affordable prices will be key to appealing to consumers looking to treat their loved ones at a lower cost and capturing greater spend closer to the date.”