Find out how Internet of Things technology can benefit your business and help improve the shopping experience in this how-to guide for retailers.

Retail Week’s new white paper, in association with SATO Global Solutions (SGS) and Intel, offers vital insight into how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help retailers improve the overall shopping experience for their customers and staff.

It reveals what technologies are powering IoT solutions and practical ways retailers can use these technologies in their stores. Download it for free here.

SATO Global Solutions (SGS) and Intel worked with Retail Week on this white paper. Together, they explain how technologies, hardware and applications combine into complete solutions that businesses can use to turn data into meaningful and actionable insight.

SGS incorporates emerging technologies from Intel and its ecosystem for its IoT innovations. Through global alliances with strategic partners such as Intel, SGS can deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions that include technologies, products and services tailored to unique industry needs.

A prime example is SGS’s end-to-end digital store based on the Intel IoT Platform for Retail. This platform enables retailers to profit from innovative IoT tools ranging from cloud-based analytics to RFID and other sensor-driven solutions. Capitalising on a wide range of scalable, secure Intel technologies, SGS’s digital store solution provides business insights designed to help improve operational efficiencies and increase sales.

By downloading the white paper you can discover practical ways retailers can use IoT technology to gain better insights into all customers, both in store and online, thus differentiating their operations and services, and improving their competitive advantage.