Amazon workers at a new flagship fulfilment centre in Birmingham are set to strike in the new year, building on industrial action already seen at Coventry and Rugeley.

A GMB union spokesperson said strike action will be announced in January at the EMA4 site in Sutton Coldfield, but they were “not ready to announce the dates yet”.

The fulfilment centre opened in October 2023 and some workers have already voted to strike.

However, a source close to Amazon told Retail Week that “of the 2,000-plus employees at Sutton Coldfield, 34 are members and 19 have voted for strike action”.

Workers at the Coventry depot could also strike again, following a year of walkouts, but a GMB spokesperson told Retail Week: “We’re having to re-ballot workers at Coventry and that’s running through January.”

Speaking after last month’s Black Friday strikes, GMB organiser Amanda Gearing said: “Company bosses are hoping they can bury their heads in the sand − but the truth is industrial relations at Amazon UK are in chaos.

“Amazon Minworth [in Sutton Coldfield] opened its doors just weeks ago and workers have already voted to join strike action.

“Our members feel betrayed by a company that is letting low pay and unsafe working conditions become the new normal.

“After the Black Friday strikes, we’re seeing industrial action snowballing and Amazon is surely set to face a winter of strike chaos.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We regularly review our pay to ensure we offer competitive wages and benefits. By April 2024, our minimum starting pay will have increased to £12.30 and £13 per hour depending on location, that’s a 20% increase over two years and 50% since 2018.

“We also work hard to provide great benefits, a positive work environment and excellent career opportunities. These are just some of the reasons people want to come and work at Amazon, whether it’s their first job, a seasonal role or an opportunity for them to advance their career.”