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The new rules of loyalty Watch on demand


Understanding the emotional drivers of the 2020 consumer 

Panellists include:

  • Emma Watkinson, co-founder and chief executive, SilkFred

Digital customer experience has become the key differentiator in the race for market share. 

With the majority of consumers now shopping online, a good or bad experience has the power to make or break a retailer.

Building an emotional connection with consumers by providing a truly personalised and frictionless digital experience offers retailers the biggest competitor advantage in an ecommerce-first world awash with choice of products and brands.

But how many retailers are really getting it right?

Watch this RWRC virtual event on the new rules of loyalty to find out how brands can create deep, engaged relationships with shoppers.

You’ll discover:

  • What loyalty should look like in 2020
  • How to make consumers fall in love with your brand
  • The role of personalisation in driving experience and loyalty
  • Which brands are leading in digital customer engagement