Marks & Spencer has begun to realise the success of its mobile-optimised website, having received 1.2m unique visitors since its launch less than five months ago.

The retailer reports that more than 13,000 orders have been placed through the site,, since it went live in May this year. The types of products purchased range from wide screen TVs to sofas and clothes. £3280 is the single largest value order for two sofas.

The most popular handsets used to access the site have been iPhones and Android devices. If mobile phone users try to access the main version of M&S’ website on their phone they are automatically redirected to the mobile-optimised version of the site.

Marks & Spencer social and mobile commerce development manager Sienne Veit said: “For M&S the m-commerce site is all about getting product quickly and easily to consumers via mobile and paying for their product on their mobile device. Our aim is to integrate mobile as a channel to stand alongside web, phone and shops as part of ‘Shop Your Way’, to increase basket size and drive sales. We’ve also incorporated a customer feedback facility to enable customer reviews, and we’ve also given consumers a choice of delivery method.”

M&S plans to add video to the mobile-optimised site at a later date.