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    Open relationship


    Change management can be a disaster if retailers don’t communicate it properly, but those that make the effort will be rewarded with more engaged workers. Liz Morrell reports

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    Back to bulk?


    The credit crunch is hurting bulky goods retailers, so how are the parks that house them holding up? Liz Morrell reports

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    Multiple choice


    Knowing how staff really feel about the business helps retailers improve satisfaction and productivity levels, so employee surveys deserve to be taken seriously. Liz Morrell reports on the options available

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    Rising through the ranks


    Inspiring shopfloor workers to aim for store manager and beyond not only ensures you have a reserve of successors, it also keeps staff churn rates down. By Liz Morrell

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    Give a little credit


    Despite fears about the credit crunch, retailers are still using credit to drive sales – especially in the struggling big-ticket market. Liz Morrell reports

  • Receipts

    Returns policies: 28 days later


    A liberal returns policy can encourage loyal customers, but, if too relaxed, it can be abused and eat into profits. It’s all about striking the right balance, says Liz Morrell

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    Poor relations


    An unhappy shopfloor worker means unhappy customers, so retailers must sort out grievances as soon as possible. The legal process in place does not make this easy, but changes are afoot, as Liz Morrell reports

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    Fee delivery


    Web sales soared again this Christmas and many retailers spurred on shoppers with free delivery over the period. But, Liz Morrell asks, how much of a difference does it make?

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    Minimum wage, minimum effort


    Retailers have always prided themselves on paying their workers above the minimum wage. But, with the rate racing ahead of inflation, they are struggling to keep pace. Liz Morrell reports

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    Child benefits


    The Textile Industry Children’s Trust is urging more retailers to get involved and raise awareness of its aims at a time when it is reinventing itself. Liz Morrell reports