DFS has installed digital displays across its entire UK portfolio, in a bid to improve its conversion rates.

Staff at the furniture specialist can now present shoppers with life-size images of potential purchases not displayed in store, such as sofa models in different colours and fabrics.

Prior to installing the screens, DFS staff were able to show customers the extended stock range on their tablets but were unable to show the scale of that product.

They are now able to find the stock on their tablet and then ‘flick’ the image to the nearest digital screen.

DFS group technical director Russ Harte said: “A customer holding a fabric book with an image of a sofa on the screen bought a sofa without ever sitting on it – this creates legends and myths within our organisation.”

The technology was first trialled in DFS’s small-format Stratford store before being quickly rolled out across the estate.

Harte added: “It was faster than we wanted, but it just had such an impact on sales – on customers who were trying to make a decision between colours – it extended the range and was so easy to use.”