Tesco’s market share has slipped to its lowest level since May 2005.

The UK’s largest grocer’s share has slipped year-on-year from 30.3% to 29.7% in the 12 weeks to February 19 after it came under pressure from “stiff competition” from its rivals, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

Asda’s share was stable at the record 17.5% reported last month, buoyed by the conversion of Netto stores. Waitrose reached an all-time record share of 4.5%.

The grocery market as a whole grew 4.5% during the period, broadly in line with its performance over the past six months. 

Sainsbury’s continued to out-perform the market in 2012 and lifts its share from 16.5% to 16.6%. Elsewhere, Morrisons dipped slightly by 0.1% to 12.2%.

Edward Garner, director at Kantar Worldpanel, said: “While the growth rate remains lower than grocery price inflation, currently at 5.5%, the gap between the two measures is narrowing – meaning pressure on household budgets, while still strong, is not getting any worse.

“Tesco’s market share remains under pressure as it faces stiff competition from its rivals. By contrast, the completion of its Netto conversions helped Asda retain its record share of 17.5% that we reported last month.”

Garner added: “Waitrose continuing strong performance shows that it is a mistake to talk about the ‘average’ UK shopper. 

“Some consumers clearly value good service and instore experience when shopping, which Waitrose claims to provide. The retailer has also benefitted from increasing numbers of shoppers, as its store expansion makes its shops accessible to more people.” 

Aldi, Lidl and Iceland all enjoyed record double-digit growth as they hold on to record shares. 

The Kantar Worldpanel total till roll data is displayed below:


 12 Weeks to 20 February 2011 12 Weeks to 19 February 2012 change
 £000s%   * £000s %   *%
Total Till Roll    33,481,690    34,656,920 3.5
Total Grocers          24,293,570100.0%       25,379,850100.0%4.5
Total Multiples            23,758,94097.8%          24,847,57097.9%4.6
Tesco                7,352,27030.3%              7,534,38229.7%2.5
Total Asda                4,254,10417.5%                4,452,51817.5%4.7
Asda                4,095,34816.9%                4,452,51817.5%8.7
Netto                   158,7560.7%                           -  0.0%-100.0
Sainsbury’s                3,998,36516.5%                4,211,48316.6%5.3
Morrisons                2,992,55112.3%                3,106,59112.2%3.8
Co-operative                 1,619,0686.7%                1,597,9996.3%-1.3
Somerfield                    18,5690.1%                      2,8950.0%-84.4
Waitrose                1,061,0484.4%                1,141,8804.5%7.6
Iceland                   474,5982.0%                   526,4732.1%10.9
Aldi                   745,0493.1%                   920,1973.6%23.5
Lidl                   591,1992.4%                   653,4672.6%10.5
Farm Foods                   131,7680.5%                   140,2820.6%6.5
Other Multiples                   520,3562.1%                   559,4022.2%7.5
Symbols & Independents                 534,6222.2%                 532,2862.1%-0.4