Turkish ultra-fast delivery firm Getir has unveiled plans to create 6,000 new jobs across the country as it ramps up its UK expansion plans.


Since launching in the UK in London last year, Getir has already grown its workforce to more than 4,000, and has promised its new hires will be bought on as full-time employees and paid the real living wage. 

The rapid delivery giant has pledged to invest £100m into its UK business this year, in a bid to head off rivals such as Gorillas and Gopuff, which are also looking to ramp up operations in the wake of the pandemic.

Getir regional general manager Turancan Salur said that “2021 was an extremely successful year for Getir as we began our global expansion”.

He continued: “There is no better city to launch international expansion from than London, due to its worldwide status and welcoming, cosmopolitan and diverse nature.

“From only five stores when we opened a year ago, we now serve our customers from 115 stores, which has created thousands of jobs – all from the area surrounding our stores.

“We have beaten all expectations for 2021 and plan to go even further this year; if there is demand out there, we’ll be ready to serve it.”

While the rapid grocery players are manoeuvring to strengthen their positions, analysts believe that as restrictions both in the UK and internationally begin to unwind, the rapid delivery market will collapse. 

Jefferies equities analyst James Grzinic noted that listed grocers were “clearly outperforming” the rapid delivery players in terms of sales. 

“Immediacy proves a sideshow,” Grizinic said, adding that the discounters Aldi and Lidl were a much more “mature force” when it came to threatening the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the grocery market overall. 

With more people returning to shops, the likes of Aldi have also turned their backs on ecommerce, terminating its tie-up with Deliveroo, which it launched during the height of the pandemic.