Asos boss Nick Beighton has said there are “no next steps” on the warehouse allegations that have plagued the etailer over the past year.

Speaking at its interim results, Beighton said MPs had now concluded looking into working conditions at the Asos warehouse in Barnsley.

Beighton said: “We had the pleasure of hosting six MPs about two weeks ago.”

He said there were “no next steps” from the visit and that as far as he was concerned, “there was nothing to resolve”.

He added: “I have even done a shift myself in the warehouse. All the members of the exec have done that so we can see it for ourselves.”

Millennial morals

Beighton said he believed that his future customers would care more about the supply chain than the average British consumer currently does.

He said: “Fashion with integrity has always been a core pillar of the Asos business. We built it that way and it is something that is fundamental to the Asos staff and the Asos customers.

“I truly believe that over the course of the coming years, a 20-something more socially connected, more socially aware customer will want to value businesses that have clear and transparent values that resonate with them, and put their hard-earned money, time and energy into businesses and brands that are transparent.”