H&M has launched a ‘transparency layer’ tag that shares all of a product’s details to enable fashion-lovers to make more informed choices when buying.

The ‘transparency layer’ will share details on the item’s production, country, supplier names, factory names and address, as well as the number of workers in each factory.

After trialling the tag on its Conscious Exclusive collection in 2017, H&M has rolled out the feature across all its garments on hm.com across 47 online markets and on most of its online HOME interior range.

Customers who shop in-store will be able to discover more about a garment’s details by using the H&M app to scan the barcode.

H&M was the first retailer to provide a list of its suppliers online back in 2013 and is “dedicated to transforming the fashion industry” to make it more sustainable.

H&M head of sustainability Isak Roth said: “We are so proud to be the first global fashion retailer of our size and scale to launch this level of product transparency. We want to show the world that this is possible.

“By being open and transparent about where our products are made, we hope to set the bar for our industry and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices.

“With transparency comes responsibility, making transparency such an important factor to help create a more sustainable fashion industry.”

H&M launch new 'transparency layer'

H&M’s new ‘transparency layer’