Grocer Waitrose is to start supplying some of its most popular items to Chile after signing an export deal with Unimarc supermarkets.

The supermarket is to offer more than 40 lines, in products such as tea, biscuits and pasta, to more than 100 Unimarc stores.

Waitrose business-to-business director David Morton told The Guardian: “South America, in particular Chile, has a growing economy and we were approached by Unimarc to help meet the demand for more cosmopolitan flavours among their customers.”

He added: “Wherever we sell our products overseas we find the bestsellers are food and drink associated with Britain, such as tea and biscuits.”

The retailer could be on the lookout for new partners because relations with online grocer Ocado, which it holds a distribution agreement with, are under pressure after Ocado revealed a new partnership with rival Morrisons.

Waitrose first started exporting goods in 1996 and now has a presence in 46 countries. International sales jumped 20% at the grocer last year.

  • Waitrose has hired price monitoring firm Profitero to support its Brand Price Match promotion. The company will provide Waitrose with data to match Tesco on branded goods.