Vodafone Retail is revolutionising store communications with an intranet service that is accessible via its employees’ mobile phones.

The news and information service, which went live last week (May 5), enables two-way communication between head office and store retail teams in Vodafone’s 346 outlets.

Previously, communication with store staff regarding sales targets, incentives, corporate announcements and HR issues was done by phone calls, faxes and paper bulletins.

Now, shop staff can receive and submit information on a range of formats, including WAP, SMS, video and MMS. The managed intranet service has been developed by mobile information specialist WIN.

Vodafone Retail head Terry O’Brien said: “We believe the service will help to improve the communication process between HQ and our store teams.”

Vodafone said the cost of the service will be minimal, because staff use their own mobiles to access the intranet site and receive alerts. Thanks to staff discount schemes and because the retailer encourages its employees to use the latest mobile technology, most staff members own 3G mobiles capable of supporting the intranet service.

“This means communication can now be incredibly fast, and important information gets disseminated across the organisation far more efficiently,” said a Vodafone Retail spokeswoman. She said information on promotions, staff scheduling, training, applying for NVQ qualifications, sales targets and regular video-streamed announcements would be communicated through the mobile intranet.

“Staff can also post up their stories, give their boss feedback and easily stay in touch with colleagues, which wasn’t possible before,” she said.