Google and Levi’s have created a denim jacket with embedded technology in a bid to increase wearable tech’s appeal to shoppers.

The technology supplier’s Advanced Technology and Projects (Atap) division has collaborated with Levi’s as part of its ongoing wearable tech initiative, called Project Jacquard.

The partnership has resulted in a Levi’s branded jacket woven with conductive yarn, which links with Google services and applications when touched. The garment includes a detachable smart tag that can be removed so the jacket can be washed and re-worn without losing functionality.

The jacket, which is due to be sold in selected Levi’s stores next spring, boasts features including the ability to adjust music volumes, receive or reject incoming phone calls and get directions when travelling.

Google’s Project Jacquard aims to turn everyday objects, such as sofas and items of clothing, into connected devices.

The tech supplier, which halted sales of its Google Glass wearable tech eyewear last February, is taking another stab at making wearable tech relevant and affordable for a mainstream audience.