Start-ups in retail technology are growing and Retail Week is highlighting some of the best. This week Receiptful is in the spotlight.

Receiptful is an online tool that allows online retailers to send digital receipts to customers with product recommendations and personalised offers.

Receiptful is an online tool that enables online retailers to send digital receipts to customers with product recommendations and personalised offers. Founder Adii Pienaar explains more.

Key facts

Founded: 2014

Investment:  £320k from angel investors including Gyft’s chief executive Vinny Lingham and Wordpress developer Matt Mullenweg.

Retail partners:  Bleachers Eyewear, Zox and Fit Affinity

Founder:  Adii Pienaar

What it does

Receiptful is an online service that creates personalised receipts for ecommerce retailers.

As a necessary part of the retail transaction process, receipts are often overlooked as a marketing opportunity for online retailers. Receiptful’s offer is designed to combat this by creating personalised receipts for each purchase including offers, discounts and recommended products based on what each shopper has bought.

“Receiptful uses data-backed intelligence to personalise and tailor marketing messages to individual customers, increasing customer spend and engagement,” says Pienaar.

As a customer engagement tool designed to enhance retail transactions, Receiptful is also designed to integrate with online retailers’ existing ecommerce platforms.

How does the technology help retailers?

Personalisation and convenience are priorities for many of today’s retailers, and Receiptful provides a simple and effective way for etailers to increase customer engagement.

Digital receipts are an essential part of the online transaction process that shoppers will engage with. By creating eye-catching receipts with personalised offers, Receiptful creates a platform for increased customer spend.

“Receiptful consolidates all customer data in one dashboard and enables retailers to use that data across all of their customer interaction channel,” says Pienaar.

By making personalised offers based on purchases customers have already made, Receiptful ensures its recommendations are relevant for shoppers.

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