Find out how to establish an international presence in the world’s emerging online marketplaces by signing up to Retail Week’s free interactive webinar on May 24.

Online marketplaces are big business for retailers – 90% of China-based ecommerce transactions are completed through marketplaces, while in the US, almost two in three shoppers (62%) head to a marketplace to find a product online.

But with hundreds of UK retailers getting in on the action in China and the US, how can you break the norm and embrace the opportunities offered by the world’s lesser-known – but equally lucrative – thriving international online marketplaces?

Focusing on the emerging online marketplaces to watch out for – including Germany, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, India, Russia and the UK – this live webinar will give you all the information you need to know to take the plunge. Sign up here.

Featuring a panel of retail experts including Miya Knights, gobal technology research director at Planet Retail, this Retail Week debate, in association with ChannelAdvisor, will help you take your brand’s global presence to the next level.

The webinar takes place at 2.30pm on Wednesday May 24. Register today by filling out your details.

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What will the webinar cover?

From low-touch to full-blown launches, we have all the answers you need about entering these etail marketplaces in the best way possible for your brand.

  • How are shoppers purchasing in these developing regions?
  • What makes them attractive online marketplaces to set up shop?
  • What are the secrets to overcoming common barriers to entry? From a fear of red tape and competition with counterfeit goods, to understanding an alien consumer and not understanding their language.
  • How do developing marketplaces compare to behemoths in China and the US?

Scale your business the clever way with our critical guide to entering the world’s most profitable ecommerce markets.