Google has teamed up with H&M-owned etailer Ivyrevel on a mobile app that will leverage data about a customer’s lifestyle to design a bespoke dress.

Data dress Ivyrevel

Data dress Ivyrevel

The dress will be designed according to app users’ behaviour and preferences

The technology firm is developing the app, called Coded Couture, which will use its Snapshot API technology to monitor a user’s activities over a week-long period.

The user will enter their preference for the type of dress they want, be it for a work or social occasion, and a dress design based on their preferences and activities will be generated at the end of the week.

Shoppers can they buy the dress from Ivyrevel.

According to a statement from Google, the technology firm has “collaborated with H&M Group’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel and its Fashion Tech Lab to bring couture into the digital age with the ‘Data Dress’, a personalised dress designed entirely based on a user’s context signals”.

Google is inviting shoppers to sign up for a trial of the mobile app before it is rolled out.