Shoppers aged 60 and over have adopted contactless payment technology more than any other age group in Britain over the last year.

Older shoppers have driven the increased adoption of contactless payment technology over the last 12 months, with the number of purchases soaring 116%, according to Barclaycard’s contactless spending index.

Contactless spending has risen 123% in the last year overall, with the number of purchases up across all age groups.

The adoption rates recorded an upward trend in relation to age, with contactless spending by shoppers aged between 18 and 24, 26 and 45 and 46 to 60 up 49%, 65% and 97% respectively.

London continues to drive the number of contactless payments across the UK overall, with 36% of all card transactions up to £30 in the city being made with a contactless card.

Manchester has recorded the highest increase in contactless payment adoption over the last year with payments soaring 247%, followed by Glasgow at 243% and Cardiff and Edinburgh at 206%.

Retailers with low-ticket items have enjoyed the greatest rise in contactless payments overall, with discount stores seeing a 431% rise in purchases, followed by gift cards and novelty shops, up 261%.

Contactless payments are growing at pace. Visa reported that the number of contactless payments made in Europe hit 3 billion for the first time last year.