Snack foods etailer is holding a ‘Silicon Valley-style’ data knowledge sharing event tonight with retailers including Asos and Ocado due to attend.

Around 100 experts from data driven firms will meet at the event, named #GeekTogether. claims it is the first of its kind in the UK and aims to “create a network of likeminded data geniuses”. chief executive Anthony Fletcher said: “We really wanted to fill in the gap that exists in the UK for sharing cross-sector expertise on data and how we use it to better understand the needs of our respective customers.

“The #GeekTogether is a significant step in breaking down the walls between technology-based companies. Afterall, the better we understand the role of data as an industry – which is becoming an increasingly integral part of our businesses – the better we can make the customer experience.”

Other firms sending representatives to the #GeekTogether event include Photobox, Hailo and the Financial Times. head of data and business insight Mica Vaipan said: “Almost every week I meet a new company and find myself discussing our use of data and how the data team at was formed. What I find fascinating is how willing everybody is to share their data ‘war stories’ – not just the triumphs, but even challenges and unsuccessful attempts.

“If a few years ago companies expected to get answers from the data without knowing the questions to ask, I feel today we all focus a lot more on asking the right questions and the ‘actionability’ of the data models that can be developed.”

#GeekTogether will be the first in a series of data-centred events held by the etailer.

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