Asda is to introduce contactless payment this summer.

The supermarket is introducing the payment option across 25 stores from July in partnership with Visa Europe and Streamline.

Asda customers who own a contactless-enabled card will be able to pay in less than a second by tapping their card against the reader. Payments of up to £15 can be made using the method, rising to £20 from June.

The technology is expected to reduce queues, especially during peak periods.

Asda is the latest retailer to adopt the method, which is growing in popularity. There are currently 20 million contactless cards in circulation across the UK. This is expected to grow to 30 million by the end of 2012.

Visa Europe head of contactless Mark Austin said: “The rollout of contactless technology by organisations like Asda is helping to set the scene for a major change in the way we pay.”

Streamline chief commercial officer Matthew Rowsell said: “This partnership is the latest step in the contactless revolution that we’re seeing right across the UK. Bringing Asda on board reinforces how popular and necessary contactless has become.”