Apple has suffered a drop in quarterly profits sparked by a further decline in sales of iPhones.

The tech titan’s income before tax fell 9.8% to $11.9bn (£9.8bn) in the three months to June 29.

Operating income slipped at a similar rate of 8.7% to $11.5bn (£9.5bn).

Apple said sales of iPhones slumped 11.8% to $25.98bn (£21.4bn) during the period as it faces into increasing pressure from the likes of Samsung, Google and Huawei.

The drop is a significant one for the business, given that it rakes in more than half of its annual revenues from sales of its flagship device, the first iteration of which was launched 12 years ago.

Apple, however, offset the decline with increased revenues across every other area of its business.

Sales of its Mac computers advanced 10.7% to $5.8bn (£4.76bn) and iPad revenues grew 7.9% to $5bn (£4.1bn).

Its wearables, home and accessories category, which includes the iWatch, registered the strongest growth, as sales spiked 48% to $5.5bn (£4.5bn).

Apple’s total revenue during the quarter increased 1% to $53.8bn (£44.2bn), slightly above consensus.