Amazon has filed a patent for a robotic fashion mannequin that can change dimensions to allow a shopper to see how clothes fit on different sizes.

The prototype is equipped with electric motors, hydraulic systems or magnets on the inside of the mannequin that can be used to adjust the dimensions of its hips, waist and chest.

The mannequin is also paired with an automated camera which, according to the European patent filed by the etailer, would dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to photograph products.

“In one test, it took a stylist manually operating a mannequin and a camera four hours to photograph a single garment under different size combinations,” the patent said.

“In contrast, it is estimated that automated garment photography as described herein enables a single employee to photograph 3,000-4,000 pieces of clothing per year.”

Sized up

Amazon’s latest fashion technology venture would allow shoppers to input their measurements to see how a particular item would look on their body.

“During an online shopping experience, a user is able to view one or more photographs of the garment placed on a mannequin that assumes a particular body size, such as the same or similar size as the user,” said the patent.

If rolled out, Amazon fashion mannequin technology could reduce shopper returns, which impacts the profitability of many online fashion retailers.

This is the latest in a series of developments in the ecommerce titan’s fashion offer.

Over the past few months, Amazon has developed a try-before-you-buy service for its US Prime customers, unveiled an Echo device equipped with AI-powered styling tech and has launched an own-brand label in the UK.