Retail Week’s analyst team has identified inspirational brands enjoying sales growth due to supply chain innovation and transformation, achieving greater efficiencies, or both

Major retailers from Sweden, the UK, Japan, Spain, the USA, Germany, France and Brazil have been recognised in a new report celebrating the top 15 businesses with standout supply chain strategies. 

Celebrated as ‘Retail Changemakers’, the 15 brands have been cherry-picked by Retail Week’s analysts for driving sales growth on the back of supply chain innovation and transformation, improvements in productivity and operational performance. 

The Changemakers span fashion, homewares, grocery, electricals and general merchandising. Significantly, only one pureplay retailer is featured, indicating the vital role of store networks in aiding logistics post-pandemic. 

The report, produced in association with supply chain specialists Informatica and Maersk, also reveals exclusive global sales forecast data to understand how operational activity is influencing results.  

This includes forecasts for the current year’s trading (FY2022/23) and five years’ time (FY2027/28).  

Despite the uncertainty and the challenges impacting commerce in the UK and internationally, the businesses represent the companies investing to strengthen their supply chains. 


Learn from the Retail Changemakers – access your free copy of the report here today.  

You will also discover: 

  • Each retailer’s major investment priorities, latest tie-ups and sustainability efforts 

  • Exclusive sales forecasts for the 15 global retailers 

  • The biggest global supply chain trends and how these will play out in 2024