Watch the teaser to the first in a series of three vodcasts looking at the world of logistics, as Retail Week speaks to DHL and Zalando about the UK’s innovative position.

The UK is often more cautious than the rest of the world when it comes to experimentation with final-mile delivery tech, with the majority of retail trials and early pilots taking place on foreign soil.

In the US driverless trucks that can deliver goods autonomously are taking to the road.

In Sweden, customers can get their online grocery orders sent straight to their fridge – even when they’re not at home.

And in German warehouses, robot armies and augmented reality-assisted picking have become reality.

With the UK slower out of the starting blocks, this Retail Week vodcast – in association with DHL – focuses on what home-grown retailers need to do to challenge their international contemporaries in the race to adopt the world’s most advanced last-mile fulfilment technology.

After all, the UK boasts some of the most sophisticated and advanced ecommerce users in the world, so how can their final-mile delivery options reflect this?

Featuring the expertise of a heavyweight expert panel, tune in as they reveal how UK retailers can be more ambitious in their experimentation, bolder in their development of new ground-breaking delivery services, and more successful in persuading consumers to embrace such innovation. 

Find out how the UK retail sector can fight back against the rest of the world – and win.