So you think you know your grocery stores? Try our quiz and see if you can guess which stores these pictures have been taken in.

We all think we can spot a Sainsbury’s from a Waitrose, an Aldi from a Morrisons, but how straightforward is it?

Try playing our quiz and seeing just how good your knowledge really is.


To ‘JJM’ who correctly guessed 15 out of 16 supermarkets!

The answers

Did you get the names right in yesterday’s supermarket quiz? Some of the pictures were more obvious than other and some were perhaps real surprises…

1. Aldi, Aldi Kilburn High Road

2. Aldi, Kilburn High Road

3. Aldi, Kilburn High Road

4. Aldi, Kilburn High Road

5. Lidl, Camden High Street

6. Marks & Spencer, Camden High Street

7. Morrisons, Chalk Farm Road

8. Morrisons, Chalk Farm Road

9. Morrisons, Chalk Farm Road

10. Sainsbury’s, Camden Road

11. Sainsbury’s, Camden Road

12. Sainsbury’s, Camden Road

13. Waitrose, Camden High Street

14. Waitrose, Camden High Street

15. Lidl, Camden High Street

16. Lidl, Camden High Street

Rate yourself

1 to 6 right = pickled onion

6 to 12 right = you know your onions

12 to 15 = you know shallots

All 16 right = perhaps you need to spend a little time doing something else?