How do you sell drink coolers Texan style? With full-sized boats and trucks and bears and sharks to display your merchandise, of course.

Anyone who found themselves in a store named Yeti in Austin, Texas, who didn’t know the brand, might not be aware that they were in a drink coolers shop.

Because the recently opened store is all about storytelling selling – and the tale being told, US-style, is of adventures in the great outdoors.

Visual feast

Visually this is a feast, of anything from a stuffed grizzly bear to a white outboard motorboat with a shark and tarpons circling above, and a full-size pick-up truck to an oil drum barbecue.

Even the external neon sign has a piscine rodeo feel to it, with cowboy riding a shark.

Designed by retail design firm Lauckgroup and architectural practice Lake Flato, the store is a journey through the lakes and unpopulated areas of the American interior, with props installed to remind shoppers of big empty places.

For those seeking an example of how a single category range can be turned into a store-wide experience, this is one of the better ones.