Purveyor of all things tassle and trim, VV Rouleax has added some Christmas va-va-voom to its West End store.

Traditional Christmases with holly, red-breasted robins and Santa also tend to feature presents under a tree – and countless Victorian-style images show these packages secured with brightly coloured ribbons.

Those seeking to replicate the latter could do a lot worse than make the trek to VV Rouleaux on London’s Marylebone Lane.

This small shop punches massively above its weight thanks to some of central London’s most winsome visual merchandising.

Currently it is even more attention-grabbing thanks to an exterior that has been covered from floor to ceiling in red pompoms, with the occasional green tassel thrown in for good measure.

This is explicitly festive and the windows, filled with gold-sprayed wreaths and ornate crowns, add to the appeal.

The mid-shop fixtures, where the ribbons can be found, of course adds to all of this – but they do so without a hint of vulgarity.

This is purely about making shoppers stop and stare.

There are several contenders for best looking seasonal store in the West End this year, and this must surely be in the running for top honours.