Luxury audio brand Sonos has created a home-from-home to entice customers who like their creature comforts as much as their music. John Ryan, our Englishman in New York, looks around.

High-end sound system brand Sonos has opened a store in New York’s SoHo that aims to provide the experience of listening to music at home. The 4,200 sq ft store offers customers seven listening rooms, each being “acoustically designed to replicate a great home listening environment”, according to the retailer.

In practice this means that six of the seven homely listening rooms form a row on the ground floor in designs ranging from the Study to the Living Room with custom wallpaper adorning three of them.

As well as listening to music, shoppers can take a look at the original artwork and installations around the store that are intended to celebrate music culture.

This shop is part of the current move away from electrical stores that offer nothing other than endless rows of shiny, somewhat sterile, equipment. Instead, the Sonos store aims to highlight the sensory experience of what owning one of its sound systems is likely to entail.