The best retailing frequently involves finding a niche and then making sure that you ‘own that space’.

Practically, this means that the high street is riddled with offers that target select customer groups, ranging from new mothers and mothers-to-be to stores that offer everything to those who need eye tests, lenses or glasses.

These are category stores, and for the most part, that’s what is meant when niche retailing is referred to.

Occasionally, however, a store opens that really is a niche operation inasmuch as it sells a part of a category and concentrates solely on that single product.

Silver Cross, the pram and pushchair brand, is a case in point with its recently opened flagship store in Hong Kong.

In the normal run of things you’d expect to see prams in an area towards the back of a Mothercare or Mamas & Papas store, but this shop in the Ocean Terminal shopping centre is just about variations of a single theme.

And owing to the curving back wall and the floor-to-ceiling glazed frontage, it’s almost possible to assess the entire offer with a single sweep of the eye. With the exception of the retro-looking Silver Cross logo, there is almost nothing to distract the gaze from the product, as the decision has been taken to make this a completely monochrome interior.

The pram-sized niches on the back wall have lighting around their internal edges, creating an illuminated frame for each item and forcing you to look at the displays.

This is a very clean execution of a single-product, ultra-niche store, and it shows that creating a stir can be done without a vast array of different items on offer.