The bookshop at Penguin Random House’s offices in the Canadian city imaginatively uses its brand and the space to good effect.

Penguin shop media 03

Penguin shop media 03

The Penguin logo forms the backdrop of the store

All to often, branded shops in offices tend to be something of an afterthought, and while they may proudly display a logo, beyond that they are disappointing. Not so the Penguin Random House shop in the Toronto offices of the eponymous book publisher.

Working with local design company figure3, this modestly sized 158 sq ft store is an exercise in taking the iconic Penguin book cover, blowing it up and turning the result into the highlight of the store interior.

Practically, this translates as a series of book spines arranged library-style along the left-hand perimeter that rise from floor to ceiling and which can be pulled out to reveal neatly shelved Penguin books. The wall opposite this is a long shelf that is home to more books and a range of Penguin-branded merchandise, from mugs to tote bags.

The rear of the shop uses the Penguin logo as its backdrop, and as the store is in an office, it has an open front. This is an imaginative alternative use for a very well-established brand, and one that would probably work well in a bigger high-street location.