Changing mother (and father) and baby retail is always a challenge as so many permutations already exist.

The second store from Marie’s Baby Circle, designed by consultancy Dalziel & Pow and located in Seoul’s Starfield Goyang mall, shows that there is still room for novelty.

At the store’s heart is Marie’s Baby Food Café, a sit-at-the-counter eaterie featuring adult seats with a highchair next to each.

The fit-out wouldn’t disgrace a better-end sushi bar – a feeling reinforced by the phone chargers in front of each chair (this generation starts life clasping a smartphone these days).

Elsewhere, there is a ‘studio’ for socialising, product demonstrations and yoga, and a digital wall for children that encourages them to interact with an ‘enchanted landscape’.

In the mid-shop, three snoring bears, which young shoppers can cuddle up to, make an appearance complete with honeypot- and tree-trunk-style chairs.

South Korea has the world’s lowest birthrate, but for those contributing to the headcount, this store is a move away from traditional formats.