Phone and tech shops that actually make you take a second look are pretty thin on the ground, but one that might do so and which opened recently is the Huawei Experience Store in Milan’s CityLife shopping district.

Designed by Alessandro Luciani, in collaboration with store equipment manufacturer Grottini, the eponymous Chinese tech multinational’s store presents a futuristic face to passers-by.

It uses a palette of sustainable materials, principally wood, sourced in Europe and thus saving on timber miles, and glass.

Other elements include a 40 sq m high-resolution LED wall, an ‘energy floor’ that produces electricity when visitors to the shop tread on it, and a ‘vertical garden’ that has LED flowers nestled within it.

Also noteworthy are the curved white mid-shop display fixtures, which have an almost Star Trek retro feel about them, adding to the sense of buying into a piece of the future.

As in other tech stores with design aspirations, the shop is also a venue for events, free training courses and the opportunity to test-drive the products that are on offer.