In London, the Primrose Hill set enjoy a long street that leads to Regent’s Park, filled with luxury stores and eateries.

Now jeweller Harriet Kelsall has joined their ranks with a 47 sq m store, an average size for the area, that is as much about making the items it sells personal, each piece that is sold bespoke, as it is concerned with shifting multiple, small, high-value adornments.

The feature that is central to the store is a five-metre wall of formed concrete. This provides the backdrop for a flexible wall system with metal uprights, combined with timber display boxes and shelves that are used to showcase product and provides storage for the store’s designers.

At the back of the store, a consultation area is where the process begins.

Designed by consultancy Lumsden, the store is small but shows just how much variation can be incorporated within a modest space, given careful thought.

It is also a good illustration of how items can be made interesting in a space which is large relative to their size.

This is the third Harriet Kelsall store, the others being in Hitchin and Cambridge.