G-Shock fashion watches first came to prominence in the 90s and for a while the brand operated a store in Carnaby Street.

It closed that outpost seven years ago but now has reappeared further along the street.

This time the ambiance is rough, tough and quasi-industrial, a little like Alien meets Ray Mears by way of Tokyo.

The small two-floor store hosts the bulk of the selling action on the ground level (the basement is a shopper “communal space”) and the merchandise is displayed in glass cubes.

Inside these cubes, the stock is attached to pipework of the kind that you might see if you looked under your kitchen sink. The walls are a plain concrete grey and the floor tiles are similarly coloured large squares in varying tones.

Overhead, a 3D exploded diagram of a G-Shock watch has been fashioned from transparent acrylic and brought to life with hot-pink lighting.

In total, the new G-Shock store shows how a very small space can be made to punch above its weight.