Dyson’s bold, modern and effortlessly slick layout hopes to take a bite out of Apple Store’s success.

The phenomenon of brands leaping the fence and becoming retailers is hardly new. Nokia tried and failed on Regent Street while almost across the road from where its store once traded, Apple has gone from strength to strength since it welcomed its first shoppers in 2004.

Now Dyson, the outfit offering everything from swish vacuum cleaners to more efficient washroom hand dryers, has opened a store at the west end of Oxford Street, opposite Selfridges.

The two-floor store is as modern and slick as you’d expect of the brand with products variously displayed as pieces that wouldn’t shame a museum of modern art, or 3D exploded diagrams that take the place of graphics on the walls. The ground floor has a wide variety of different electrical items on offer, while the first-floor mezzanine is a showroom for the freshly launched hairdryer where shoppers can test-drive its efficacy at a blow-dry station.

Making the essentially mundane glamorous is what this store succeeds in doing and the staff are full of information about what makes each product different.

In total, this one looks here to stay.