Coach is one of those brands that you know about, but may not have shopped in.

The chances are good, however, that if you stray into the newly opened Regent Street flagship, you may find yourself reaching for your wallet… or one of the many wallets that are on offer in this shop.

Coach is primarily about leather goods and is at what might be termed the approachable end of designer-branded merchandise. As such, you would expect a good-looking interior, but where this one scores is that it may be well crafted but does not intimidate.

It is also easy to find your way around the store thanks to a colour scheme that divides the genders without heading down the ‘blue for a boy and pink for a girl’ road. In practice, it’s white marble and chrome for women and warm wood tones for men, but the transition, on the ground floor, from one room to the next, does not feel stark.

The other point worth noting is the grand staircase at the back of the shop with its gallery of white-framed photographs. This is an exercise in creating a heritage for the brand and, as a piece of nostalgia, it works well.

Upstairs, the visual merchandising is to the fore with a mannequin sporting a checked rain hat perched on vintage-style packing cases and faux brick walls and chromed furniture being used to add interest to the white storescape. 

There is little about this shop that could readily be described as remarkable, but conversely there is much to make the customer feel welcome.

If more design-led offers followed this route, then the shopping experience at this end of the market would be generally better.