Beauty is a growth category for many retailers and in the vanguard is Charlotte Tilbury.

The retailer’s recently completed store in Westfield illustrates what is possible when it comes to creating a little glamour.

Making dreams a reality

With everything from Broadway dressing room style perches to 3D rouged lips with a lipstick between the teeth – this is about making visitors to the store feel special and a part its grandeur.

Worth noting too is the brand’s first ever holition unit, using augmented reality. The technology, provided by Holition, allows customers to see what the brand’s make-up could look like once it is applied. All of this is helped by an upscale materials palette that includes gilded copper and silver leaf.

Shopfitter ISG worked on the store’s interior, and the project was completed in around 10 weeks.

If beauty is about selling dreams, then this new store shows how dreams can be made a reality.