Carhartt, the workwear-meets-‘heritage’ brand, has opened a UK flagship store on King’s Boulevard in King’s Cross that takes an unflashy but consciously modish stance.

This single-floor store features a caged balcony – a highly styled ‘reserve’ – that is also part of the vista; it almost manages to make works of art out of pairs of denim jeans and trousers, T-shirts and chunky jackets.

It does so by using a palette of materials that emphasise the natural. The original unfussy fabric from which Carhartt jeans are made have been dyed chocolate brown and used to form the rear perimeter shelving.

This is complemented by wooden mid-floor display fixtures, lights with shallow beaten metal shades and windows that allow daylight in when the shutters have been angled.

Rather than mannequins, jackets have been placed on top of these and made freestanding with judicious padding.

If this highly thought-through, and undoubtedly expensive, interior fails to engage, a semi-discrete room is home to a coffee bar that has a melted chocolate finish on its counter.