Craft beer specialist BrewDog has opened a retail store in London called Bottledog that stocks hundreds of beer varieties and brands.

Shops that sell wine and not much else are, in these days of niche retailing, fairly standard in the more chi-chi areas of large cities, but shops that do the same thing with beer are much less common.

One of the more interesting is Bottledog. Located on London’s upscale Gray’s Inn Road, this store is all about craft beer.

Owned by Scottish brewery BrewDog, the store is fitted out with floors and walls made of reclaimed wood, evoking the sense that beer barrels have been ripped apart to form the interiors.

The single-floor space is filled with more than 250 different beers in cans and bottles, including an extra-strong IPA called Sink the Bismarck, which comes in at 41% alcohol by volume.

For those who are really engaged by the subject, the shop holds home brew workshops on a regular basis. There is even a library of beer books if shoppers feel the need.