Who says that asparagus is the preserve of the over-precious metrosexual-leaning Nimby classes?

A pop-up shop in Liverpool One has just opened that trades in nothing else and which will remain open for the duration of the British asparagus season.

Mono-vegetable stores are perhaps the ultra-niche manifestation of the rage for ‘fresh’ that has been sweeping the big supermarkets for a while now. But making this a reality, and ensuring continuity of supply, probably means having the source on your doorstep.

In this instance, the store is located in a 1,755 sq ft unit that was home to the Harvey Nichols food hall during Christmas last year and has now become the Asparagus Patch pop-up store - which relies on the nearby Wirral Peninsula for its supplies.

Visible inside the large glazed frontage is a faux garden with plants ranging, curiously, from potted sweet peppers, still waiting to be picked, to a fake tree that appears to have bunches of asparagus at the end of its branches.

There’s even a garden gnome lurking at the base of the window, down among the foliage.

Within, the space has been fitted out in a rustic style with wooden palettes used as mid-shop display vehicles, sections of tree trunk being deployed as seating and there’s a farm shop-style cafe at the back of the store.

The shop will be open until late June, when the asparagus season comes to an end and if nothing else, this one shows what is possible with a little imagination and a reliable source of supply - for a limited time at least.

Looked at objectively, this will not have cost a great deal of money to fit-out, but in terms of creating interest, it punches way above its weight.