This is a store that would be way beyond the means of most retailers to create and maintain, but this is a denim-led offer.

For some reason, shopfit price seems less of an issue when this commodity comes into focus (probably because of the cost of the merchandise). The store is Berlin-based denim retailer 14oz, which has been the leader of the jeans pack since it first opened a store in the city’s central Mitte district in 2008. Now 14oz has opened its second shop, located on the very upscale Kurfürstendamm in Berlin’s affluent west.

It is almost completely different from the original and, at 6,460 sq ft, it is close to twice its size. The store is situated in the Haus Cumberland, a grand structure dating from 1911 that was used as the office for Berlin’s regional finance until 2003, at which point the ground floor was vacated and remained empty for almost a decade.

The new store, which opened in October, has at its heart a shelving system that has been taken from a former library in Vienna and its cast-iron beauty has been imported in toto, complete with spiral staircases and upper gallery.

This is the store’s principal feature, but in terms of visual merchandising there is much to admire in the manner in which vintage display cabinets, stepladders and tables have all been put to good use to show off the offer. Where the walls are visible, they have been stripped back to the original brickwork and the large windows at the front and back of the shop mean that natural daylight is a given throughout.

This may have been expensive to realise but without question it means that 14oz retains its place as the denim and denim-related king in a city that is among Europe’s most casual.