Tiffany & Co, New York’s world-famous jewellery emporium, uses impressive in-store theatre to launch its new boutique in Selfridges.

Tiffany & Co has just opened a new boutique in Selfridges. To mark the occasion, the iconic New York brand has taken the old Selfridges hotel and turned it into the slice of the Big Apple that sits at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street (the location of Tiffany’s New York flagship).

Shoppers enter the area through the doors of a New York subway car and are greeted by a mix of hundreds of boxes and projections, all used to evoke the sense of a busy part of Manhattan.

And every 13 minutes a setting sun is used to signal the end of a “wonderful day on Fifth Avenue”.

Whatever your view of the hype, this is certainly a dramatic installation and there is even an engraver on hand (dressed in New York jewellery quarter style) who will engrave Tiffany purchases made in the store for free.

It is a temporary installation, although the boutique will remain, that has been running since today and which finishes on Sunday next week.