Milan pharmacy Dr Fleming uses futuristic store design in an old-fashioned setting to create a truly unique in-store experience.

Pharmacies can be run-of-the-mill clinical affairs, but occasionally all of the stops are pulled out and something very different emerges. This is the case with Dr Fleming, an 860 sq ft pharmacy and healthcare store in Milan designed by Alessandro Luciani.

The store may be housed in an old building – many shops in Italy’s commercial capital are – and the dark wood beams in the store’s ceiling betray its roots.

But apart from that it is a vision of a space-age pharmacy.

Stand outside the store and the back-lit blue circles that light up the product niches along the perimeter walls and the cross on the door indicate that you are looking at a healthcare store. But step inside and the store defies most of the accepted rules when it comes to designing pharmacies.

From the wavy mid-shop display plinths to the curving walls and almost Star Trek-like perimeter displays, this is a store that the shopper might actually want to linger in. It’s a pharmacy Jim, but not as we know it.