A decade ago Dover Street Market set up shop on - perhaps unsurprisingly - London’s Dover Street.

At the time it was seen as a store that offered cutting-edge design, predominantly from designer label Comme des Garçons, but which also stocked many other brands. Comme des Garçons was, in fact, the backer behind the whole enterprise and still is.

Since then, Dover Street Market has remained a fixture on the fashionistas’ map of the UK capital, but now the format has crossed the Atlantic and pitched up in mid-town Manhattan.

The store is in the Murray Hill area and trades from seven floors. Covering 20,000 sq ft, it’s larger than the London store. It is an area of the city better known for Indian restaurants than top-end fashion emporia - but perhaps that is why it has been selected.

The real point about this store is that it is absolutely about being ‘in the know’. First, the shopper has to know where it is and second, it would be possible to pass by without noticing that this is a shop, so discreet is the exterior.

Inside, however, this is the usual Dover Street Market mix of art and clothing, with the pillars in the ground floor cafe covered in knitted material and setting the tone for much of the rest of what follows.

It is a hallmark of the Dover Street Market stores that initiates are almost immediately made to feel they have entered a strange world. The New York store is no exception and each floor feels very different from the one that precedes it.

If time is on your side, and you know how to find it, this new addition to the Big Apple’s retail landscape is worth a visit.