Fistral Beach in Newquay is, for many, surf central UK, or at least that’s where you may go if you want to imagine yourself a bronzed god (or goddess), effortlessly riding the waves coming in from the Atlantic.

Whether this is the case or not, you’d be hard pushed not to notice the arrival of Quiksilver among the several purveyors of surfwear that form the backdrop to the beach.

Access to this 4,305 sq ft store is via a bridge that drops you into what is, effectively, a barrel, intended, presumably, to emulate being inside the tunnel formed by a breaking wave. Just inside the entrance a large screen feeds images from other sea-facing Quiksilver stores, including Capbreton, Biarritz and, also, Fistral Beach. 

The store is divided up into areas for men, women, skate, ‘technical’ and ‘youth’, although it is quite hard to see how most of what is on offer could be anything other than for young dudes. And among the more impressive elements is a wall of bobbins wound with coloured thread, allowing in-store mass-customisation of baggy board shorts.  

This being a store for those with time on their hands and a wannabe Californian take on time out, there is a surfers lounge facing the ocean where customers can watch the surf, surf the internet for free and browse through books about surfing, naturally.

There is a lot of this kind of thing in Newquay and it is hard to achieve differentiation when all around you are doing something similar. Nonetheless, the new Quiksilver store does seem to have managed this and in doing so, has created a new destination for the surfing coterie.